Metabolic Aftershock – Review of Dr. Jade Teta’s Workout Video

Metabolic AftershockMetabolic Aftershock is a DVD set containing weight loss exercises and routines to boost your bodies ability for weight loss. Although this product has been created by one of the most trusted people in the fitness industry, this particular program promises to amplify your metabolic rate to massive proportions, resulting to a fast and healthy way of shedding the pounds and developing the muscles. Can all of this be true and does the program actually work? Below is a full review of the workout program.

About Dr. Jade Teta

Jade Teta is a licensed physician who has dedicated years of his life in researching healthy weight loss methods. Using his background in BS Biochemistry, naturopathic medicine, and experience as a personal trainer, he came up with the Metabolic Aftershock program. After testing and confirming his findings, Jade Teta finally decided to share his weight loss information to thousands of people struggling with fat loss.

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About Metabolic Aftershock Workout

Most people are aware of metabolism and its relation to the body’s fat burning capabilities. A rapid metabolism basically means that calories are burned off faster, resulting to faster weight loss. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle means that your average metabolism is poor with the body storing more fat rather than burning them up.

The Metabolic Aftershock program basically helps the body attain an exceptional metabolic rate through an exceptional weight loss program. It can be divided into 3 distinct phases, each one specially designed to boost an individual’s metabolism to burn off more fat.


The Three Phases

The three phases of the program are all centered on exercises. Below is an overview of each phase and what you can expect from it:

  1. Phase One – in Phase One, Teta provides a list of exercises designed to warm up your metabolism. During this stage, you’ll slowly wake up your body from its sedentary lifestyle, allowing your metabolic rate to spark from low to high. These exercises target all body parts, providing you with more energy and a youthful-glow that cannot be achieved through regular exercises.
  2. Phase Two – the Second Phase takes the results of the first phase one step further by introducing muscle-tightening exercises. Through these workout routines, you are basically training your body to start burning more fat than average. During this time, expect some muscle buildup and body definition, both of which can burn massive amounts of calories just by exercising.
  3. Phase Three – this is where the real Metabolic Aftershock comes in as Teta provides a series of exercises designed to produce a major calorie burn in the body. During this time, you’ll feel your metabolic rate going through the roof, causing massive calorie shredding while defining the muscles. Successfully performing Phase Three means that you’ll be burning twice as much calories from a regular exercise; resulting to very fast and satisfying results.

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Consumer Reviews

After considering all relevant factors, it can be said that Metabolic Aftershock is a legitimate weight loss program ideal for anyone who wants to improve their physique. The system isn’t just for weight loss but for a total body transformation through muscle definition, energized lifestyle and a generally healthy attitude.

TestimonialThe program is already being used by many individuals all over the country. Reviews have shown that most of its users are happy with the results they got and are advocating Metabolic Aftershock to others. Ratings for the program are at 4 stars and above.

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  • Weight loss results are completely natural with no chance of side effects
  • Each of the exercises featured do not take long to perform. Most of them take only 45 seconds to do. One routine would consume 15 minutes of your time
  • There are dozens of possible exercises, giving you the chance to choose favorite ones
  • All the exercises are done without the use of weight or exercise equipment
  • There’s no need to leave the house in order to perform the routine
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, the workouts are specially designed to help you perform them without injuries
  • Aside from losing weight, users will also gain more energy and have a healthier immune system
  • Product’s website is protected by a security program to keep your credit card information confidential
  • The system can be used by both men and women
  • Bonuses valued at $138 are available completely for free


  • Compared to other programs, the Metabolic Aftershock is a tad more expensive
  • This is not an overnight weight loss program. As the user, you still need to devote time and energy for the system to work

Where to Buy Metabolic Aftershock

The Metabolic Aftershock program is available for $97 (currently being offered for $37). The price already includes all the bonuses and videos that come with the product. Payment can be made through the secure website using all major credit cards or your PayPal account. Shipment is made as soon as payment has been confirmed.

As a buyer, you’re protected with the product’s 60-day money back guarantee. This allows you to return the program within 60 days of purchase if you find that the results are not to your liking. So far however, there have been zero returns on the Metabolic Aftershock.

The Bonuses

Aside from the DVDs comprising the Metabolic Aftershock program, buyers are also sent 4 unique bonuses to help with weight loss goals. You will receive the following items:

  • Metabolic Aftershock Manual
  • Bonus Burnout Session
  • Quick Start Guide

You will also get the opportunity to have a one-on-one with Dr. Teta as part of the bonus package. Through this, you can get additional tips and further explanations about the program and why it works.

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